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Add value to your Laughter session with 30 additional Laughter exercises. $29.95

Add value to your Laughter session with 30 additional Laughter exercises. $29.95

This is a collection of selected Laughter Yoga exercises from the vast experience of Dr. Madan Kataria’s years of experience and understanding of the concept. Revised in 2015 $29.95

100% cotton. Popular among the Laughter Yoga community around the world, this t-shirt is a great way of publicizing Laughter Yoga and strangers curious about Laughter Yoga. It is like a moving sign board. Large only. $25.00

Developed by Dr. Kataria, these techniques are very beneficial for those who do not have easy access to Laughter clubs. Revised inn 2015.
$45.00 2DVDs

This book is not just about learning Laughter Yoga, it will teach you how to imbibe laughter fully into your life and use it optimally to live sensibly and virtuously. Dr. Madan Kataria.

An instructional tool for leading joyful chair fitness. Carmela Carlyle created the world's first Arm Chair and Wheelchair Laughter Yoga Club in 2007 and leads dozens of Chair Yoga and Laughter Yoga groups for elders in all levels of care.

"Laughter Is My Exercise!" and it could be yours with the new Laughter Yoga Fun t-shirts. They are colorful and fun just as Laughter Yoga is. By the way, a study was done that you could lose weight with laughter, but admittedly, it would take a lot of laughter to lose one pound.
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Research has shown as grow older we laugh less and the reduction in laughter can start as early as 5 years of age. The more we encourage children to laugh the more they will laugh into adulthood. Laughter really is the best medicine, at any age! The Laughter Yoga for Children deck of 24 cards, plus instructions, may be used with a group or solo laughing. Ages 4-10 suggested. $15.95.

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